Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Utah Legislative Session 2009

With the advent of the Utah 2009 Legislative session we are pleased to introduce the Magpie Forum, a place for policy critique and analysis, news updates, and other information relevant to resistance, democracy, justice, education, and change.

Magpie Collective Manifesto:

Born of scrub oak and sagebrush,
children of radioactive winds, saline waters, and inversions

heeding the call of Brigham Young and Joe Hill,
La Virgen de Guadalupe and Māui
We are generations of immigrants from every continent
blossoming in the desert, fed by snow and juniper.

We recognize that most policy makers and politicians serve their own interests
and cannot be counted on to guarantee justice, dignity, and freedom for all our brothers and sisters unless they also stand to benefit.

We recognize that most politicians and business leaders that make policy decisions and laws that affect our community view our bodies and our environment as commodities that can only be understood through cost/benefit analysis.

De tod@s para tod@s

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